Energy Storage units

Ecological, sustainable and beneficial solution in the context of climate changes, which is one of the most advanced, economical and complex solutions for renewable sources.


Today, more than a billion people worldwide still live in remote regions that are not covered by public energy grids. Diesel generators and fossil fuel power solutions are not sustainable in the context of climate change. In the long run, energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar will provide a cleaner future and contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The energy storage systems are characterized by a modular and highly structured design. The configuration is very flexible. The size and output power can meet diversified needs. They can handle electrical systems up to 1500V DC. It is currently one of the most advanced and economical energy storage solutions.


  • Emergency power supply
  • Flexible installation
  • Low cost
  • Expandable structure
  • Shifting the peak load
  • Technical assistance


  • Instant reaction
  • Modular structure with the possibility of extension
  • Adaptable to different power schemes
  • Integration of high energy density
  • Long service life with a ten-year performance guarantee for the entire system
  • A comprehensive solution for renewable energy
  • Safety and reliability, construction with independent channels, galvanic separation
  • Numerous functions such as peak smoothing, power shifting, demand response etc.
  • Wide voltage range: 100 V DC to 1500 V DC
  • Ecological, sustainable, beneficial in the context of climate change


The scheme of operation of the energy storage is relatively simple. If we produce electricity from a photovoltaic installation (or other renewable energy sources), the surplus will be stored in the energy storage unit and can be returned at any time as a power supply. In addition, if we purchase electricity from a local supplier, the home energy storage unit – in the event of problems with the electricity supply – will assure us complete independence. Energy storage facilities can fulfill two basic functions. First of all: they will be perfect for people who have installed photovoltaic installations or process energy from other renewable sources. Second: the energy storage can store energy obtained from the public grid. In both cases, the energy obtained is stored in an energy storage unit.


In the self-service mode, the energy generated by the PV will be mainly used by the local load and the rest will be stored in the battery while the excess power will be returned to the grid. This is the default setting and will increase the self-consumption rate and significantly reduce your bill.


This mode is implemented for situations where the difference in electricity price is large throughout the day.


In the event of a power supply failure, the UPS Function will automatically and seamlessly be activated to ensure your equipment continues to run without any power outages. Thanks to a specially designed function, it can support the system to work as a backup power system or an off-grid system.


An innovative electric energy storage system with a hybrid inverter is designed to be installed in a grid, island and backup system. This system enables a programmable and planned intelligent solar energy storage system that helps to increase the solar energy consumption factor, protects home appliances from power shortage and balances energy consumption strategy to lower energy bills.

Energy storage for medium voltage


We provide technical support at every step of the implementation.

The operating instructions for our energy storage units are written in Polish, the installation itself is intuitive and the device is easy to use. In case of problems with installing the storage unit, we guarantee the help of our specialists – technical support by phone and e-mail. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Polish technical support

Caring for the comfort of the customer is our motto. We provide technical service and support at every step of the installation, quick assistance and express warranty replacement of the warehouse in the event of a manufacturing defect.


As part of our services, a special helpline is available, under which experts from Ecological Projects Poland will answer any question and provide advice on the installation of the storage unit.

10 year warranty

The 10-year warranty of the manufacturer – RS Energy – allows for long-term and comfortable use of the equipment. In the event of a manufacturing defect, we provide a new unit.


We work only with recognized partners whose brands assure quality, professionalism and cutting-edge technologies.