About Us

BALKEN Polska Sp. z o. o.

Let’s care about sustainable and ecological future.

Projects commenced by BALKEN Polska are implemented with the cutting edge technologies and innovative solutions which support ecological development. High quality of services and professional partners allow us to effectively accomplish our core projects.

The core activity of BALKEN Polska is the implementation of both customer and business solutions necessary to achieve energy independence. Energy storage plays a critical role in the process of balancing energy flow and helps create a prosumer energy system.

We implement an ecological, sustainable and beneficial solution in the context of climate change, which is one of the most advanced, economical and comprehensive solutions for renewable energy – ENERGY STORAGE UNITS.

  • we provide technical support at every stage of assembly
  • we cooperate with the sole distributor of RS Energy storage units in Poland
  • following the example of Western European countries such as Germany, the Netherlands or Switzerland, we want to extend the home photovoltaic installations with energy storage for self-management of energy in your home or company


We work only with recognized partners whose brands assure quality, professionalism and cutting-edge technologies.

BALKEN Polska Sp. z o. o. also sells high-quality sawn timber and wood elements. Our wide assortment includes wood from the most popular species of deciduous and coniferous trees. Our clients are leading manufacturers of doors, windows, furniture and floors. We supply FSC and PEFC-certified wood for the needs of our clients.


BALKEN Polska’s ambition is to provide solutions and products that will fully meet customer expectations.